About the Online Vision

“One community, one web” has evolved from a dream and a vision to a hard fact solution. Two years ago all associations of RTI came together and gave a core team a great task to produce a solution that would empower all our members to table and connect online. You will be the first to adopt, adapt and improve on a tabling and administration platform by tablers for tablers as we take a giant leap forward – Bringing Tabling into the 21st century!

Welcome to the tabler-only community platform

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We strongly advise you not to join!

  • Tabling is addictive and you will instantly gain more than 30.000 potential connections from all over the world.
  • It’s a risk to think back in time where you did not have these tools and spend a lot of time getting the latest info.
  • During a trip you might not miss a charter night close to where you are anymore.
  • This solution is more expensive than trying to administer all Tablers in an Excel sheet.
  • If you switch on the geolocation in your privacy settings, you might find friends close by.
  • You might get completely overwhelmed by the simplicity of this software solution!

Let’s think big…

we called this community platform TABLER.WORLD – the name says it all! But please take a moment, and imagine…IMAGINE that you were able to #getconnected not only to the tabler community worldwide – but also to our dearest friends from the club family all over the world! IMAGINE the potential of the big community and side-by-side with Ladies, 41ers, Agoras and Tangents.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve started the dialogue with our friends and they already have started technical evaluations of the system, which has been prepared to host and connect multiple communities from the beginning. Different communities, different design & colors, different content, different members & functions, but sharing the same big heart for the good cause and the same vision of


41 International

Ladies’ Circle International

Agora Club International

Tangent Club International

Community features

Ready to use right away!

  • personal profile management
  • directory management
  • individual privacy settings on all levels
  • different types of meetings
  • events
  • sales
  • registrations
  • invitation/followup/reminder
  • attendance management
  • ticketing/invoicing
  • common calendar
  • evalutation
  • file storage and sharing
  • minutes of meeting management
  • security / rights management
  • image storage & management
  • downloads
  • sharing, tagging, commenting
  • right and duration management
  • mailings
  • newsletters
  • text messaging
  • chat
  • live notifications
  • polls
  • season management
  • reward management
  • achievement management
  • live gamification
  • basic invoicing
  • personal cost management
  • two-factor authentication
  • individual privacy settings
  • frequent automatic backups
  • live chat
  • email
  • phone
  • documentation including video
  • scalable
  • customizable per association
  • multiligual
  • full API

Admin features

Almost ready for you!

  • dedicated infrastructure
  • customized server for RT (and LC, 41er if they are joining!)
  • syncing model from club to area to national to international
  • demographic statistics (entries, exits, zone, average age, over 37, over 40, youngster ,etc.)
  • forecast for club recruitment (for the next 10 years)
  • challenges (custom gamification e.g. 100% attendance  tabler > reward on national level)
  • profile of a club / area / association
  • validation script on specific functions (individually per association)
  • disable editing of field “birth date” for users after one-time fill in
  • new page to transfer the board to a new statutory year (dropdown menu)
  • individual statutory years per association
  • export photos / data for directory
    • Multiple profile photos (if requested)
  • default field – “Is alive”
    • optional field is deceased, date, changed picture to black ribbon, no birthday reminder
  • different activity types (standard meeting, AGM, zone meeting, HYM…)
  • attendance matrix
  • get invited to external, crossborder activities (club, region, country!)
  • minutes of meeting created automatically within the system, including attendance list
  • extension of the current financial functionalities
  • automated scripts for repeated invoices
  • several types of invoicing
  • invoicing at national, regional and club level
  • including VAT.
  • automated script for setting up all clubs of the association
  • automated script for data migration of all members
  • individual e-mail address for every tabler
  • generic mailadress per club
  • advanced minutes storage
  • automated distribution of minutes (to whom it may concern)
  • mailing from within the system
  • individual and group right management
  • table switch
  • table entry (Welcome & first setup, password, photo, etc.)
  • table exit (different reasons, different mailing)

The pricing

Let’s talk about money – How much will it cost?


/ member / year
  • community and admin

One Tabler

/ year
  • get connected to the community!


≥ 49€
  • get your ticket to the future of tabling!


  • share your best – be a sponsor!

RTI Online Vision F.A.Q.

Feel free to ask your own questions, if you don’t find your answers here!

the system is in compliance with the european law on data protection and privacy (GDPR). It is up to the national IT-admin/Webmaster to set the default settings according to the respective national legislation and/or constitution. Each tabler can decide individually who will be able to see which kind of personal data on which level, you have full control over all of your privacy settings at any moment.

Absolutely not. Each association has the choice whether to migrate or not to migrate their members the future of tabling and get connected with tablers around the world. Of course we would love to welcome every single association as a whole on board quite soon, for the digital evolution in tabling! It will replace the old RTI-Admin platform though, therefore the association’s empty structure (table numbers and names) as well as the national board will be transferred to TABLER.WORLD, free of charge!

It is 1€ per member per year, regardless the number of members in your club. Please see the details in the pricing section.

RTI is setting up the global infrastructure with a dedicated server, to which any association can subscribe at a subscription fee of 1€ per member per year, at their own convenience. The global setup contains all functions needed to run an efficient Round Table admin for the associations and to connect your members. The legal structure is being set up at the moment, as proposed and voted at RTIWM in Sri Lanka 2018.

Should an association wish individual adaptations or further development to fit their specific needs, they are free to negotiate directly with the vendor Peepl. In order to maximize potential synergies, it would be best to talk about planned extensions / additional features during HYM / WM.

In the unlikely event of the vendor Peepl stopping their operations for any reason, the contract contains the agreement that every association will get the possibility of a full export of the respective data, which is in any case ensured through the API at any time.

It’s totally up to you. You can sign a contract whenever you’re ready. Or decide not sign any if you don’t want to get connected with tablers worldwide. But of course we dream of having the whole community together in one ecosystem.

If an association does not pay the invoice on time, a reminder mechanism is initiated. If the reminder is unsuccessful, the access to the system is suspended for the time the payment is outstanding. Every association is considered as individual client, the non-payment of one association has no impact on any other association.

The minimal duration of a contract is three years, after that period it is automatically renewed on a one year base at the RTI Worldmeeting, if the agreement is not terminated in time. There is no impact for any other association, if one association decides to move away from the system, except maybe the sadness to disconnect with good old friends.

In the unlikely event that you want get off the tabler-ecosystem for some reason, you simply export your data via the API and move on. Make sure to cancel the yearly subscription in time. But before it comes to that, please talk to the team, because communication is the key!

Of course! The TABLER.WORLD Manager will show you the steps to take to create your own testing environment for national board members and related board assistants (such as webmaster, IT-admin, PRO etc.) upon simple mail request.

You can use it on any device, from where ever you are, it is always at your fingertip. For the growing number of nomadic tablers this will be the perfect tool to experience (inter)national tabling at its best!

The initial storage capacity is set 10 GB per association. It can be extended at your needs.

Yes! You can easily download any event to your preferred calendar…

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RTI Online Vision Team!

We have a dream: to get every tabler worldwide connected as soon as possible! We drink 25 cups of coffee a day – each. We work hard to achieve the best possible result for you. Why? Because you asked us to! We’re tabler on a mission – Bringing dreams to life. Your humble team.

Alexis van Dam RTI Online Vision Manager

van Dam

RT Singapore

RTI Online Vision Manager
Director OVC


RT Germany

OVF Council Member


RT Germany

RTI IT Manager
Director OVC


RT Germany

Tabler.APP mastermind


RT Germany

Director OVC


Peepl | CTO & co-founder

in development

#get connected

Your association has decided to migrate to TABLER.WORLD?

start the migration process right away! Prepare your old data(-base) and your logos, and download the import template together with the migration guide! If you’re brave enough to translate the system into your favorite language, download the translation file as well and prepare yourself for countless cups of coffee! 😉

Once you’ve finished to accurately feed the import template with your members’ data and/or the translation, simply send it by mail to:
Download the migration guide
Download the import template
Download the translation file

Thank you!

For your sponsorship, for sharing the vision and being our early adopters!